At safety is our number one priority. The first thing for this assurance is in the construction of the zipline, the trails, the platforms, and the cables. The Belizean men who worked on the construction were experienced in such tasks, having built the first zipline in Belize in 2004. They would also be the guides using it every day while conducting tours for! And just one more little factor, they were so happy to be working for the only truly Belizean family owned and operated tour company. These guys all worked long, hard hours every day getting the attraction ready for our guests.

Getting all the cables secure, putting handrails on steps and paths, and making sure people would feel safe topped off the contruction.

For any adventure attraction like our Belize Zipline Adventure, the choice of equipment should insure safety first. We have chosen to use the world’s most pretigious brand of equipment, Petzl helmets, harnesses, carabiners, and pulleys for the security and enjoyment of our guests. We are providing you with the best available!

In early June of 2013 our zipline was inspected by Adventure Experiences Inc. This international organization is a Professional Vendor Member of the Association of Challenge Course Techology, which is responsible for developing and setting standards, inspecting sites, and training and certifying guides for challenge course attractions such as

Twelve guides who will be treating you to your zipline experience were trained and certified on June 13, 2013. In addition to training on the zipline inself, they were required to take a written test; a score of 80 was required to pass for certification.

We are READY to provide you with the best zipline adventure available in the country of Belize!


Vitalino Reyes — 670-0114, 670-8975, or 670-2061 (from the US, first dial 011-501.

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