Belize Zipline Adventure


Zips happen! Fly high with ours!


Support the only locally owned Zipline in Belize.

The only Zipline with a real suspension bridge — Come to enjoy it in 100 acres of rainforest, Maya land, owned by Maya guide by Maya descendants (Mestizo).

We are established, we do care about all our guests. Come to feel the love in the air. Come to breathe the fresh air!

Be wowed by a unique perspective in the rain forest.

Gold Standard Tour Operator

We are so excited to announce to future guests that we are approved as a Gold Standard Tour Operator in the Tourism Industry. Our staff members have been practicing every every guideline required by the Belize Tourism Board in the new health and safety protocols presented by COVID-19. For information on COVID-19 in Belize, see our page at

Take advantage of the special low price:
Cavetubing only $50 US.
Cavetubing and zipline $65 US.

Welcome to the website of the best Belize zipline adventure in the country! If you are considering ziplining in Belize, look no further!

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If you are on a CRUISE SHIP, you can book the best Zipline adventure in Belize  for Zipline for only $50 US, or Zipline AND Cave Tubing excursion now for the special rate of only $65 US!

From Mile 37 of the Western Highway, we turn south onto a paved road. Our headquarters are about a mile on the right. Here you will find our friendly staff ready to serve you. We have bathrooms, souvenirs, and even Belize’s national meal for lunch. You can see all we have to offer, which includes cavetubing, ziplining, nature hikes, Maya site tours, and more. We are the land of adventure. We are surrounded by nature on 100 acres of our land, plus the Caves Branch River. We have clean air, refreshing rain, and a relaxing ambiance. Come and play where the birds and monkeys frolic.

Free WiFi available!

Our vehicles are ready for the best adventures in Belize.

We at and are happy to say that we have a new zipline designed especially for you to have the most memorable time possible in Belize. This is the second one we have constructed ourselves, this one on our own property. We have improved on everything we have learned from all others before! It is a Belizean owned and operated enterprise. It even runs across the Cave’s Branch River. This is the most unique zipline experience in Belize! We currently have 9 platforms and 6 zip spans. We are planning more zips and a suspension bridge.

After a short, approximately 8 minute hike, we arrive at the first platform. The initial zip is a trial run. We call it the Chicken Run in case you chicken out.

After intense study of the operating ziplines, major considerations in our design were:

  • Safety — Always the first consideration in design and operation and our number one priority.
  • Time — To enjoy a zipline and a cave tubing tour, time is a major consideration, especially for cruise ship passengers. We are skilled in managing your time so you enjoy all your events.
  • Location — We are located on the road before you get to Nohoch Che’en, the Cave’s Branch Archaeological Reserve. No need to worry about entrance fees!
  • Fun — We guarantee you will have fun and be smiling with this adventure.
  • Private site Our zipline adventure is a personal and professionally operated tour on a site right off the main road down to Cave’s Branch (Nohoch Che’en).
  • Customer Satisfaction — Guaranteed! This is a most important thing for us; tell us how you liked it, or what we could do to improve. This is the major reason why we are flourishing.

We emphasize that we love everything we do, and we do everything with love, from constructing the zipline to taking you on the tour! Guests who have experienced our cave tubing tours have said it has been one of the most memorable things they have experienced and even the best tour of their whole cruise! Our zipline will only enhance the magic they experience in Belize! We are ready to operate internationally and we assure you it is the safest, most comfortable, and enjoyable zipline in Belize!

We have the world’s most prestigious equipment, Petzl helmets, harnesses, pulleys, and carabiners. Our zipline guides actually constructed this attraction, and they are the best trained, most experienced, and most patient you could find. Tours are exclusively for our guests, and we want to impress you.

The Belize Zipline Adventure location is a delight for any guests.

Our zipline has been designed to make it easier for our guests. There is a minimal amount of hiking and climbing so you have more time for your zips.

We prefer cash for payment, but we do now accept credit cards.

You can check out these YouTube videos about and On the cave tubing section, we have even upgraded our tubes so they have bottoms, and you’ll stay drier if you like, and many feel even safer. This is just some of the great action possible when you tour with us!

Note that the first two videos were taken before we opened our new Zipline Adventure. The new one is even better. The one with the Queen of the Bay candidates was from summer 2019.

The turnoff to Cave’s Branch is at Mile 37 on the Western Highway. Here is a map to the and headquarters, where you can find information, souvenirs, and even lunch.

For more about our company and our policies, see our flagship website CAVETUBING.BZ


Vitalino Reyes — 670-8975 (from the US, first dial 011-501.

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